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29/04/2021 at 4 pm

PhD thesis defence

Quentin Martinez
Olfactory and thermoregulatory capacities in small terrestrial mammals: a turbinal bone approach

12/04/2021 at 11h30 am

Monday Webinar

A seminar by Emira Chérif | Fish Diversity and Aquaculture team |BioSS department
A tale of an invader: Reconstructing the genomic history of invasive topmouth gudgeon (Pseudorasbora parva) populations

An article by Nicola Fischer | Phylogeny and molecular evolution team |Genφ department
Population genetics as a tool to elucidate pathogen reservoirs: Lessons from Pseudogymnoascus destructans, the causative agent of white-nose disease in bats (doi)
Seminar time is 1 h


07/04/2021 at 2 pm

PhD thesis defence

Fidji Berio
Multiscale variation of 3D tooth forms in selachians and developmental and evolutionary inferences: Odyssey of a scyliorhinid tooth

29/03/2021 at 11h30 am

Monday Webinar

A seminar by Frédéric Veyrunes |Sex and speciation team, |Genφ department
Un troisième sexe chez Mus minutoides. Quelle est l’influence des hormones et des chromosomes sexuels sur le phénotype?

An article by Julien Claude |Macroevolution and Development team |Genφ department
Estimating the phylogeny of geoemydid turtles (Cryptodira) from landmark data: an assessment of different methods (doi)
Seminar time is 1 h

22/03/2021 at 11h30 am

Monday Webinar

A seminar by Flore Zélé |Experimental Evolution of Communities team |Change Department
The interplay between Wolbachia and host-associated reproductive barriers in spider mites

An article by Pierre-Olivier Antoine |Palaeontology team |Change Department
A new rhinoceros clade from the Pleistocene of Asia sheds light on mammal dispersals to the Philippines (doi)
Seminar time is 1 h

15/03/2021 at 11 am

Monday Webinar

A seminar by Camilla Crifò |Ecosystem Dynamics, Ecology of Disturbances, Paleoclimates team |Past Department
Phytolith analysis points to heterogeneous vegetation during the Miocene Climatic Optimum (~16.9-14.7 Ma) supporting extremely diverse fauna in the Santa Cruz Formation (Patagonia).

An article by Nicolas Hubert |Genome, phenome, environment team |Genφ Department
Impact of Pleistocene Eustatic Fluctuations on Evolutionary Dynamics in Southeast Asian Biodiversity Hotspots. (doi)
Seminar time is 1 h

05/03/2021 at 2 pm

PhD thesis defence

Jules Dezeure
The evolution of reproductive seasonality in large tropical terrestrial monkeys

08/03/2021 at 11 am

Monday Webinar

A seminar by Pierre Barry |Marine Biodiversity and Evolution team |Genφ Department
Spéciation et traits d’histoire de vie : approche comparative chez les poissons marins

An article by Pierrick Labbe |Evolution, vectors, adaptations, symbiosis team |BioSS Department
What is(are) the most effective method(s) to control the tiger mosquito? Comparing sterile male releases and other methods in temperate and tropical climates, Harambourre et al. (doi)
Seminar time is 1 h

01/03/2021 at 11h30

Monday Webinar

A seminar by Guillaume Martin |Evolution and demography team |Change Department
Some alternative epistatic mutation models and their capacity to account for observed adaptation trajectories from experimental evolution.

An article by Valentina Caracuta |Dynamics of biodiversity, anthropoecology team |Past Department
Carbon Isotopes applied to archaeological charcoal: new insights for the study of climate changes during the MIS3 in the Levant (doi)
Seminar time is 1 h

11/02/2021 at 1 pm

PhD thesis defence

Rémi Allio
Phylogenomics and comparative genomics in myrmecophagous mammals

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