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Events calendar

21/06/2024 à 14h

Soutenance de thèse

Mathilde Barthe
La délimitation d’espèces à l’échelle génomique chez les Xenarthres

17/06/2024 at 11:30 am

Monday seminar

An article by Walter Finsinger |Ecosystem Dynamics, Ecology of Disturbances, Paleoclimates team |Past dept.
Change? What Change? Putting rates of palaeoecological change into context can inform ecosystem restoration

An article by Nelly Godefroy |Marine Biodiversity and Evolution team |Genφ dept.
A comparative ultrastructure study of the tardigrade Ramazzottius varieornatus in the hydrated state, after desiccation and during the process of rehydration (doi)

03/06/2024 from 9 am

PhD Students' Day 2024

ISEM’s doctoral students’ day is a generous, social and scientific occasion when the whole unit comes together to listen to presentations by 1st and 2nd year students.

30/06/2024 at 13h45 pm

PhD thesis defence

Fanny Laugier
Experimental development of gynodioecy in an animal and nucleocytoplasmic conflicts

23/05/2024 at 2:00 pm

PhD thesis defence

Léa Da Cunha
Synergistic interactions between the osteological and muscular characters of the masticatory apparatus in hystricomorph rodents

13/05/2024 at 11h30 am

Monday webinar

A seminar by Alexa Sadier |Macroevolution and Development team |Genφ dept.
Developmental mechanisms facilitating molar shape diversification in bats

An article by Alison Duncan |Experimental Evolution of Communities team |Change dept.
Coinfection accelerates transmission to new hosts despite no effects on virulence and parasite growth

06/05/2024 at 11h30 am

Monday webinar

A seminar by Maëlys Boennec | Biodiversity: dynamics, interactions and conservation team |Change dept.
Beyond the Straight Lines: Exploring the Untold Story of Non-Linearity and Temporal Variability in Global Biodiversity Changes

An article by Andrew Helmstetter
 |Evolution and demography team |Change dept.
David versus Goliath: Early career researchers in an unethical publishing system (doi)

29/04/2024 at 11h30 am

Monday webinar

A seminar by Reyes Luelmo |Dynamics of biodiversity, anthropoecology team |Past dept.
Climate dynamics and anthropic management: 4000 years of landscape shaping around Santa Barbara Basin, California

An article by Nicolas Bierne |Marine Biodiversity and Evolution team |Genφ dept.
Citizen science approach for genetic species identification in a local French seafood speciality (doi)

22/04/2024 at 11h30 am

PhD thesis defence

Adèle Erlichman
Development of new eco-evolutionary models to assess the demographic impacts of assisted gene flow in the context of climate change

22/04/2024 at 11h30 am

Monday webinar

ISEM Ecological Transition Group / Benoit Nabholz

Proposed actions to reduce our eCO2 emissions

A seminar by Claudia Bomarito |Aquaculture, biodiversity, health team |BioSS dept.
Effects of seasonality and land use on the biodiversity of aquatic communities in French Guiana

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