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24/01/2022 at 11:30 am

Monday Webinar

An article by Giacomo Zilio |Experimental Evolution of Communities team |Change department
Predicting evolution in experimental range expansions of an aquatic model system

17/01/2022 at 11:30 am

Monday Webinar

A seminar by Nicolas Hubert |Fish evolution team team |Genφ department 

Code-barres ADN et biogéographie des poissons du plateau de la Sonde

An article by Mary Robles |Ecosystem Dynamics, Ecology of Disturbances, Paleoclimates team |Past department
Impact of climate changes on vegetation and human societies during the Holocene in the South Caucasus (Vanevan, Armenia): a multiproxy approach including pollen, NPPs and brGDGTs


10/01/2022 at 11:30 am

Monday Webinar

A seminar by Flora Gouzerh |Sex & speciation team |Genφ department
Detection and preference of mice for smells of cancerous congeners

An article by Rachid Cheddadi |Extreme Environments team |Past department
Le Sahara vert et sa persistance durant l’Holocène

03/01/2022 at 11h30 am

Monday Webinar

A seminar by Jean-Frédéric Terral  |Dynamics of biodiversity, anthropoecology team |Past
Approche multiscalaire et intégrative de la dynamique éco-historique de l’arganier et de son adaptation aux changements globaux : premiers résultats et recherches à venir

An article by Guillaume Martin |Evolution and demography team |Change department

13/12/2021 at 9h45 am

PhD thesis defence

Arthur Weyna
Evolution and prevalence of social hybridogenesis in ants

15/12/2021 at 2 pm

PhD thesis defence

Amira Azizan
A Genetic Tale of Cats: understanding the past and present of carnivoran populations through comparative studies

13/12/2021 at 11h30 am

Monday Webinar

A seminar by Martina Sanchez-Pinillos | team |Change department
Quantifying resilience and post-disturbance dynamics: indices and analyses in forests and long-lived ecosystems

An article by Melissa Barkat‑Defradas |Evolutionary anthropology team |BioSS department
Speech Acoustic Features: A Comparison of Gay Men, Heterosexual Men, and Heterosexual Women (doi)

10/12/2021 at 2 pm

PhD thesis defence

Yasmine Mansour
Investigating the impact of DNA repeats on genome dynamics: Towards a focus on mosquito genomes

10/12/2021 at 11h am

PhD thesis defence

Jacob Maugoust
Evolution of endocranial structures in bats (Mammalia, Chiroptera), insights from fossil taxa

10/12/2021 at 1:30 pm

PhD thesis defence

Maurine Hammel
Biology, ecology and evolution of the MtrBTN2 transmissible cancer of Mytilus sp. Mussels

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