The Institute of Evolutionary Science of Montpellier (ISEM) is a research institution focusing on biodiversity origins, dynamics and the associated evolutionary mechanisms and processes.
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Research at ISEM

Field, experimental and theoretical research on fundamental evolutionary biology issues concerns both current and past biodiversity, while encompassing a broad range of organisms and environments. This fundamental research dovetails with applied and predictive research on a major 21st century scientific and social issue in interaction with the humanities, medicine and society – to what extent is biodiversity able to cope with global change?

Science for all

Are you interested in biological evolution and ecology but not a specialist? Here you will find podcasts, films, videos, books and events that discuss our research and how it relates to current scientific and social issues such as the biodiversity crisis, human medicine, animal health and climate change.

Latest news

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an article by Emmanuel Paradis (MaD)
Population density and genetic diversity are positively correlated in wild felids globally
Wiley July 2023

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Laurent Marivaux et al.
The unlikely survival of ancient monkeys, swept across the Atlantic Ocean
National, July. 2023

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an article by Charlotte Faurie (AE)
Sibling competition, dispersal and fitness outcomes in humans
Sci Rep, May 2023

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An article by Tracy Burkhard (S&S)
Patterns of repeatability and heritability in the songs of wild Alston’s singing mice, Scotinomys teguina
Animal Behaviour, June 2023

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an article by Mary Robles (DEEP)
Climate changes during the Late Glacial in southern Europe: new insights based on pollen and brGDGTs of Lake Matese in Italy Climate of the Past, Feb. 2023

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an article by Eliette Reboud (PEM)
Genomics, population divergence and historical demography of the world’s largest and endangered butterfly, the Queen Alexandra’s birdwing
GBE, March 2023

Next events

25/09/2023 at 11:30 am

Monday webinar

A seminar by Nathanaëlle Saclier |Phylogeny and molecular evolution team |Genφ dept.
Mesorhabditis nematodes as model to explore the paradox of sex

An article by Elodie Pepey |Aquaculture, biodiversity, health team |BioSS dept.
Cytogenotoxicity Screening of Urban and Rural Marshes: An Integrated In Vivo Approach Coupling Fish and Plant‐Based Tests Adapted for Low‐Income Countries (doi)

26/09/23 at 9:00 am

PhD thesis defence

Marine Jeanjean
8 000 years of bioarchaeological history of three domestic species: sheep, goat and pig, in the Northwestern mediterranean basin

One of ISEM's primary missions is to train future generations of researchers, teachers and experts in evolutionary biology, ecology and biodiversity sciences.

Education & training

ISEM offers research internships and PhD theses throughout the year

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