The Institute of Evolutionary Science of Montpellier (ISEM) is a research institution focusing on biodiversity origins, dynamics and the associated evolutionary mechanisms and processes.
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Research at ISEM

Field, experimental and theoretical research on fundamental evolutionary biology issues concerns both current and past biodiversity, while encompassing a broad range of organisms and environments. This fundamental research dovetails with applied and predictive research on a major 21st century scientific and social issue in interaction with the humanities, medicine and society – to what extent is biodiversity able to cope with global change?

Science for all

Are you interested in biological evolution and ecology but not a specialist? Here you will find podcasts, films, videos, books and events that discuss our research and how it relates to current scientific and social issues such as the biodiversity crisis, human medicine, animal health and climate change.

Latest news

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an article by Eliette Reboud (PEM)
Genomics, population divergence and historical demography of the world’s largest and endangered butterfly, the Queen Alexandra’s birdwing
GBE, March 2023

... in newspapers

Guillaume Guinot (PAL) Sharks fared better than other species during the fifth mass extinction
Le monde, Feb. 2023

… on the web

Rachid Cheddadi (ExEn)
Lebanon’s Climate Is Becoming Less Conducive to Olive Growing
Olive Oil Times, Feb. 2023

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an article by Vasilis Dakos (BioDicée)
Prevalence and Drivers of Abrupt Vegetation Shifts in Global Drylands
PNAS, Oct. 2022

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an article by Carole Smadja (S&S)
Divergence of olfactory receptors associated with the evolution of assortative mating and reproductive isolation in mice
PCjournal, Nov. 2022

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an article by Giacomo Zilio (EEC)
Travelling with a parasite: the evolution of resistance and dispersal syndromes during experimental range expansion
The Royal Society, Jan. 2023

Next events

30/05/2023 at 2 pm


Nathan Mazet
the effects of environmental factors and biotic interactions on the diversification of neotropical groups

15/05/2023 at 11:30 am

Monday webinar

A seminar by Corentin Bochaton |Macroevolution and Development team |Genφ dept.
A fresh but interesting paleoecology? Serendipity, cat droppings, bats, and pathogens on the islet Chancel (Martinique)

An article by Jessica Teodoro Paulo|Experimental Evolution of Communities team |Change dept.
Intraspecific variation for host immune activation in the spider mite Tetranychus evansi

One of ISEM's primary missions is to train future generations of researchers, teachers and experts in evolutionary biology, ecology and biodiversity sciences.

Education & training

ISEM offers research internships and PhD theses throughout the year

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