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The Institute of Evolutionary Science of Montpellier (ISEM) is a research institution focusing on biodiversity origins, dynamics and the associated evolutionary mechanisms and processes.
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Research at ISEM

Field, experimental and theoretical research on fundamental evolutionary biology issues concerns both current and past biodiversity, while encompassing a broad range of organisms and environments. This fundamental research dovetails with applied and predictive research on a major 21st century scientific and social issue in interaction with the humanities, medicine and society – to what extent is biodiversity able to cope with global change?

Science for all

Are you interested in biological evolution and ecology but not a specialist? Here you will find podcasts, films, videos, books and events that discuss our research and how it relates to current scientific and social issues such as the biodiversity crisis, human medicine, animal health and climate change.

Latest news

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an article by Sébastien Puechmaille (PEM)
Genetic diversity in a long-lived mammal is explained by the past’s demographic shadow and current connectivity
Molecular Ecology, Aug. 2021

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an article by Mathieu Sicard (EVAS)
Paternal transmission of the Wolbachia CidB toxin underlies cytoplasmic incompatibility
Current Biology, March 2022

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This article is dedicated to the memory of François Catzeflis, who passed away on November 25, 2021.
About inter- and intra-specific variability of dental microwear texture in rodents: Study of two sympatric Proechimys (Echimyidae) species from the Cacao locality, French Guiana
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Avril 2022


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Eleni Filaiti (master course Cépage) presents “Bats, sentinels of our ecosystems – The example of the Cevennes”.
based on a study by Ilham Bentaleb

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an article by Rodolphe Gozlan (AQUABIOS)
High and rising economic costs of biological invasions worldwide
Nature, Jan. 2021

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an article by Giacomo Zilio (EEC)
Predicting evolution in experimental range expansions of an aquatic model system
CSH, Jan 2022

Next events

23/05/2022 at 11:30 am

Monday webinar

A seminar by Camille Martinand-Mari |Macroevolution and Development team |Genφ department
Endocrine disruptors and skeletal development in marine fish

An article by Camille Saade |Experimental Evolution of Communities team |Change department
Scaling up our understanding of tipping points

03/06/2022 at 11:30 at the CNRS amphitheater

Louis Thaler Seminar 2022

Ruth Shaw
Studying the adaptive process in the wild: purple coneflower and partridge pea

One of ISEM's primary missions is to train future generations of researchers, teachers and experts in evolutionary biology, ecology and biodiversity sciences.

Education & training

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The Institute of Evolutionary Science of Montpellier (ISEM – University of Montpellier, CNRS, IRD, EPHE, CIRAD, INRAP) has been focusing research on biodiversity origins and dynamics and the associated evolutionary mechanisms.