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Conveying, explaining, arousing curiosity, raising awareness, communicating and entertaining on evolutionary and biodiversity science is a high priority for ISEM members, whose scientific outreach activities target all audiences. Here you will find our radio, TV and print media output, as well as our conferences, films, videos and books, with a different take on culture and the scientific approach, our research and its relevance to current social issues such as the biodiversity, human medicine, animal health and climate change crises.
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Laurent Marivaux et al.
The unlikely survival of ancient monkeys, swept across the Atlantic Ocean
National, July. 2023

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Guillaume Guinot (PAL) Sharks fared better than other species during the fifth mass extinction
Le monde, Feb. 2023


Monday 26 to Friday 30 September, every evening at 7pm

Animal Odyssey documentary series

Arte is broadcasting the entire documentary series Animal Odyssey, in which many palaeontologists from the PAL team participated

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Eleni Filaiti (master course Cépage) presents “Bats, sentinels of our ecosystems – The example of the Cevennes”.
based on a study by Ilham Bentaleb

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Frédérique Viard
Invasive species: an ecological and economic disaster
CNRS Le journal, Aug. 2021

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Sonia Kéfi and Vincent Miele (LBBE) have created a brilliant educational video about biodiversity to mark the International Day for Biological Diversity 2021, Biodiversity: all different but all linked to each other!
May 2021

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A web-series proposed by Abdel Aouacheria
ALTER EGO INVERSO. An interview with Merlin Tuttle (VOST)
March 2020