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ISEM members produce over 300 scientific articles, 30 books and book chapters, and 20 PhD dissertation papers per year on average.
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Last update: 01/07/2022

This list of publications is intended to be supplemented at a later date, in particular for older references of PhD theses, Habilitation theses (French post-doctoral degree authorizing holders to supervise PhD students) and some articles and books.

  • Articles
Ben Osman, I; Hugonnot, V; Daoud-Bouattour, A; Muller, SD. 2022. New bryophytes for Tunisia (Kroumiria, Mogods). Part 2: Other families. Plant Biosystems: accepté.
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Boulart, C; Rouxel, O; Scalabrin, C; Le Meur, P; Pelleter, E; Poitrimol, C; Thiébaut, E; Matabos, M; Castel, J; Tran Lu Y, A; Michel, LN; Cathalot, C; Chéron, S; Boissier, A; Germain, Y; Guyader, V; Arnaud-Haond, S; Bonhomme, F; Broquet, T; Cueff-Gauchard, V; Le Layec, V; L’Haridon, S; Mary, J; Le Port, A-S; Tasiemski, A; Kuama, DC; Hourdez, S; Jollivet, D. 2022. Active hydrothermal vents in the Woodlark Basin may act as dispersing centres for hydrothermal fauna. Communications Earth & Environment 3: 64.
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Carboni, S; Dezeure, J; Cowlishaw, G; Huchard, E; Marshall, HH. 2022. Stable isotopes reveal the effects of maternal rank and infant age on weaning dynamics in wild chacma baboons. Animal Behaviour: accepté.
  • Articles
Caruso, D; Mortillaro, J-M; Darias, MJ; Aubin, J. 2022. Intensification écologique pour l’aquaculture. Les Dossiers d'Agropolis: "Transformations agroécologiques pour des systèmes alimentaires durables" 26: 49.