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ISEM members produce over 300 scientific articles, 30 books and book chapters, and 20 PhD dissertation papers per year on average.
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Last update: 01/07/2023

This list of publications is intended to be supplemented at a later date, in particular for older references of PhD theses, Habilitation theses (French post-doctoral degree authorizing holders to supervise PhD students) and some articles and books.

  • Articles
Aouacheria, A. 2023. Pollution chimique et effet cocktail: une piste vers des tests toxicologiques sans expérimentation animale. The Conversation France: on-line, 27 juin 2023.
  • Articles
Azizan, A; Anile, S; Nielsen, CK; Paradis, E; Devillard, S. 2023. Population density and genetic diversity are positively correlated in wild felids globally. Global Ecology and Biogeography: accepté.
  • Articles
Couton, M; Viard, F; Altermatt, F. 2023. Opportunities and inherent limits of using environmental DNA for population genetics studies. Environmental DNA: accepté.