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This page offers a selection of current news and upcoming events. Click the links ‘All news’ and ‘All events’ for a more complete list.

News headlines

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an article by Sébastien Puechmaille (PEM)
Robust evidence for bats as reservoir hosts is lacking in most African virus studies: a review and call to optimize sampling and conserve bats
Biology Letters, Nov. 2023

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an article by Benoît Pichon (BioDICée)
Quality matters: Stoichiometry of resources modulates spatial feedbacks in aquatic‐terrestrial meta‐ecosystems
Ecology Letters, July 2023

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Fabien Condamine contributed to the Kew 2023 report on the state of the world’s flora
Kew garden, Oct. 2023

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A spotlight on Laurent Marivaux
Digging up ancient animals in Amazonia
Nature, September 2023

Next events

11/12/2023 at 11h30 am

Monday webinar

A seminar by Thomas Camagny |Dynamics of biodiversity, anthropoecology team |Past dept.
Macchja o furesta? An exploratory quantitative eco-anatomical approach applied to Arbutus unedo for a better understanding of Ericaceous formations in Corsica during the Holocene

 An article by Ophélie Ronce |Evolution and demography team |Change dept.
Antagonistic Effects of Assortative Mating on the Evolution of Phenotypic Plasticity along Environmental Gradients (doi)

06/12/2023 at 2 pm

PhD thesis defence

Laura Meyer
Comparative genomic analysis of ecotype divergence across the marine-lagoon ecological gradient in different species of fish

08/12/2023 at 2 pm

PhD thesis defence

Fanny Touchard
Hybridization and emergence of evolutionary novelties in port habitats