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Alexa Sadier


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My activity

My research aims to answer broad evolutionary questions related to the evolution of animal forms and their adaptation to various ecological contexts. To do so, I study the fascinating diversity of bats that exhibit a large range of adaptations following their radiation into almost every mammalian dietary niche (fruit, nectar and pollen, arthropods, small vertebrates, fish, and even blood). My core project focuses on the emergence and diversification of tooth classes and more largely ectodermal appendages, but I also investigate the diversification of the digestive and sensory systems. As this research sheds light into the mechanisms by which life adapt to various ecological contexts, I am exploring the adaption of species to new, extreme environments on Earth and beyond, taking the advantage of new data from the International Space Station through NASA gene lab and collaborations. I use integrative approaches with fieldwork, developmental biology, genomics, morphology, paleontology and modelling.

Keywords :

Evolution – Evo-devo – Bats – Teeth – Novelty

Responsabilities :

– Editorial board BMC Ecology and Evolution
– Associate editor Gene
– BPEN/gBatNet network leader
– PreLight by the Cie of Biologists