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Macroevolution and development team

In the Macroevolution and Development team (MaD), we study biodiversity from the phenotypic evolution perspective, within short- or long- evolutionary time-scales and with a focus on the evolution of developmental mechanisms in vertebrates. Our shared groups of interest and technical complementarity have made us build strong collaborations with the Phylogeny and Molecular Evolution team: genomic evolution aspects related to developmental genes (long evolutionary time); analysis of phylogenetic and demographic relationships (short evolutionary time). We also have collaborations with the Palaeontology team (for projects concerning deep evolutionary events or in the variations of faunal corteges of the Anthropocene). Our team is also developing several bioinformatic and statistical tools for the analysis of genomic and phenotypic diversity patterns (R environment).

Coordination :

Les membres

Sylvie Agret

Research assistant AI

Corentin Bochaton

Junior researcher

Julien Claude


Mélanie Debiais-Thibaud


Camille Martinand-Mari


Emmanuel Paradis

Senior researcher