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Agnès Mignot

Université de Montpellier

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My activity

My research interests are in the evolution of reproductive systems in flowering plants. After being interested in the male haploid phase, in particular, understanding why and how different pollen is made in the same individual, I focused on the diploid phase and in particular on self-incompatibility and its consequences in two biological models, the Corsican cabbage and the Centaurea of the Clape. The reproduction achieved is only within the defined framework of what is possible. The system of self-incompatibility is involved in the definition of the framework, just as an individual’s environment generates another set of constraints. The reproduction regime practised, influencing population genetic structure, is therefore likely to evolve at any time due to the change in the rules of the game that it itself generates. It is on this last aspect that my research is currently focused, in particular on Alpine pennycress in the Cévennes or various species of Leucadendron in the South African Fynbos.

Keywords :

Mating systems – Flowering plants – Pollinators – Natural populations – Genetic structure

Responsabilities :

– Scientific Deputy director at INEE CNRS
– Elected member of the academic council of the University of Montpellier