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My activity

My research activities focus on understanding the evolutionary dynamics of biodiversity (macroevolution). I am fascinated by the fact that biodiversity is not evenly distributed over space or across biological groups in the tree of life. We observe that some regions are species-rich (as compared to others) such as biodiversity hotspots or tropical regions. Likewise there are biological groups more diverse than others as in the case of angiosperms and gymnosperms. Thus I am interested in the following questions: What explains the non-random variations of the species richness? Or how this biodiversity is generated, maintained or lost over time, within regions or between groups? To address these questions, I use phylogenetic approaches that stand out to study macroevolutionary processes responsible for the formation of these biodiversity patterns.

Keywords :

Macroevolution – Historical biogeography – Phylogeny – Fossils – Paleoenvironment

Responsabilities :

– Member of the Scientific Committee of the Labex CEBA (Center for the study of biodiversity in Amazonia)