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Claire Berticat

Advanced research assistant IR

Membre de :

My activity

I have an expertise in data analyses and my research interests are in the field of human evolutionary biology. My current projects focus on the effects of dietary shifts in Human (especially the current one characterized by a large increase in refined carbohydrates consumption) on health (Alzheimer disease, cognition, myopia) and traits involved in social life (attractiveness, cooperation). I am also interested in the evolutionary function of sleep (immune theory) and in graphic and language development in children. Several of these projects are based on data analyses from French national human cohorts (Constances, 3C, Elfe). I am in charge of 2D/3D image acquisition and analysis studio (Eye-Tracker Eyelink1000 and 3D scanner GoScan50).

Keywords :

Human Evolutionary Biology – Adaptation – Food – Refined Carbohydrates – Data Analysis

Responsabilities :

– Member of CAP n°4 CNRS
– Member of National IE Advancement Commission CNRS
– ITRF expert member