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Ilhem Bentaleb

University of Montpellier

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My activity

Trained in oceanography and stable isotopes, I have studied the role played by the marine biological CO2 pump since the last ice age. The magic of stable isotopes is that they know no boundaries between the different components of the Earth because they are part of what are called biogeochemical cycles. Also on my arrival at ISEM I have been able, in contact with paleontologists, archaeologists and palynologists, to extend my research activities to current and past terrestrial ecosystems through the study of sentinel species (plant and animal) of global changes in a synchronic and diachronic way (i.e. sedimentary or guano core of chiropterans, wood, fossil collection). How will global warming impact the largest marine mammal in the Mediterranean or the diet of chiropterans. How have the olive trees of Lebanon, an emblematic tree of the Mediterranean basin (dendroisotopy, PhD N. TABAJA), and forest ecosystems varied in the past (coring in lakes in Africa, PhD A. Ndiaye and Europe PhD E. Cagliero). Alongside my research work I am involved in teaching (i.e. Environmental Sciences; paleoclimates) from Bachelor to Master level.

Keywords :

Global changes – Paleo-climate – Stable and radiogenic isotopes – Mediterranean Basin, Africa – Sentinel species whale, chiropters, olive trees