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Frédérique Viard


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My activity

My research is at the interface between ecology and evolutionary biology, with a focus on coastal marine species, in natural and artificial habitats (e.g. harbours). Dispersal processes and biological introductions are at the heart of this research (e.g. eco-evolutionary interactions between introduced and resident species). They combine field observations, ex- and in-situ experiments and molecular analyses (e.g. population genomics, environmental DNA analyses). Ascidians, in which many introduced species are found, notably in port habitats, are among my favourite case studies. Both witnesses and actors of contemporary environmental changes, introduced species are models for addressing fundamental research questions but also of paramount importance when addressing marine biodiversity conservation issues; my research thus leads me to develop applied studies (e.g. development of monitoring tools) and an expertise activity for national or international bodies (e.g. ICES WG ITMO/BOSV).

Keywords :

Genetic and taxonomic diversity – Evolutionary trajectories – Field and experimental ecology – Biological invasions – Coastal marine species

Responsabilities :

– Member of Ifremer’s scientific council
– Member of the scientific council of the Labex CORAIL
– French delegate for ICES (WG ITMO and WG BOSV)
– Member of the National Thematic Group for Descriptor D2 (Non-native Species) for the European Framework Directive “Marine Strategy”
– Member of the Scientific and Technical Expertise Network of the Invasive Alien Species Resource Centre (IUCN-OFB)