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Laurence Meslin

Research assistant IE

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My activity

Designer Engineer at the CNRS, I am specialized in visual scientific communication. I assist professionals in the study and publication of their research. I manage data visualization projects in the scientific, industrial and cultural fields. Design of concepts, projects, speeches; Modeling of experimental protocols; Abstract design summarizing research; Design of anatomy, morphology, morpho-geometry, bio-telemetry from specimens (animals, plants, objects) or digital images; Augmented design and 2D graphic analysis integrated with images from 3D; 2D iconography design for 3D rendering; Fixed and animated science comics; Portrait of scientists and history of discoveries; Editorial production and program design for conferences, brochures and books; Scientific documentary production in Motion design.

Other activities: Research & Development; Expertise; Training and transfer of know-how; Mediation actions; Partnerships.

Keywords :

Scientific communication – Data visualization – Project expertise – Editorial mediation – Motion design