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Visual scientific communication facility

The “Visual scientific communication” facility is dedicated to the management of projects in data visualization in the scientific, industrial and cultural fields.
Different categories of visual communication are proposed for study and publication: Design of concepts, projects, speeches; Modeling of experimental protocols; Abstract design summarizing research; Design of anatomy, morphology, morpho-geometry, bio-telemetry from specimens (animals, plants, objects) or digital images; Augmented design and 2D graphic analysis integrated with images from 3D; 2D iconography design for 3D rendering; Fixed and animated science comics; Portrait of scientists and history of discoveries; Editorial production and program design for conferences, brochures and books; Scientific documentary production in motion design.

Other activities of the facility: Research & Development; Expertise; Training and transfer of know-how; Mediation actions; Partnerships.

Informations complémentaires :

Possibilities to collaborate with all scientific organisations.


Laurence Meslin

Research assistant IE