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Sex and speciation team

In the Sex and speciation team, we combine various approaches in evolutionary genomics, cytogenomics, ecology, behavioural ecology, chemical ecology and neurophysiology, to identify the evolutionary forces and some proximal mechanisms at the origin of the following biological patterns:
(I) Speciation and adaptation:
Infer the history of recent speciation events (in hares, mice and aphids) and test the influence of adaptation and sex-linked genomic conflicts in controlling interspecific gene flow. Test the role of olfactory and gustatory recognition in the evolution of barriers to gene flow. Analyse the environmental impact on distribution and on species interference in African striped mice species.
(II) Sex chromosomes and sexual antagonism.
Understand the consequences of the mode of transmission and recombination of sex chromosomes on their evolution and participation in the resolution of sexual antagonism and sexual differentiation (in the African pygmy mouse, with three sex chromosomes).

Coordination :

Les membres

Pierre Boursot

Senior researcher

Tracy Burkhard

Postdoctoral fellow

Pierre Caminade


Marie Challe

Technical assistant

José Costa

PhD student

Guila Ganem

Senior researcher

Hamilcar Keilani

PhD student


François Monnet

Postdoctoral fellow

Julie Perez

Research assistant IE

Carole Smadja

Senior researcher

Frédéric Veyrunes