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Pierre Caminade


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My activity

Within the Molecular Biodiversity facility, which I coordinate in collaboration with other colleagues, I bring my technical expertise to team projects in terms of genetic and molecular ecology experiments aimed at analyzing genetic variability (at genomic or transcriptomic level) of non-model species (e.g., wild house mice, dwarf mice, striped mice, pea aphids, Tilapia fish). I carry out and develop DNA and RNA extraction protocols, as well as DNA amplification experiments by PCR, genotyping (of microsatellite, SNP or restriction markers) and sequencing (Sanger and NGS). I also prepare sequencing libraries (in particular RADseq (Restriction‐site Associated DNA sequencing) or WGS (whole-genome sequencing) libraries for high-throughput sequencing. Coordination of the activity of one of the three laboratories of the Molecular Biodiversity facility also involves receiving and distributing requests for collaboration from research teams, managing planning and priorities, dialogue with project leaders and managing the associated technical rooms.

In addition, I also get involved, in two research teams, in field sampling (e.g., capture of small rodents in South Africa, sampling for metagenomics in rivers in Peru) and I manage collections of tissue and DNA samples (Access databases).

Keywords :

Genetic variability – Genotyping – NSW – RADseq – South Africa

Responsabilities :

– Co-manager of the Molecular Biodiversity facility at ISEM