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Molecular Biodiversity facility

The Molecular Biodiversity technical facility is dedicated to the analysis of the diversity of living organisms through the study of genetic, transcriptomic and epigenetic variation in various non-model organisms (animals, plants, fungi, microbes), making it possible to address questions central to the research of the Institute such as the characterization of biological diversity, the reconstruction of its evolutionary history and the understanding of the eco-evolutionary mechanisms governing its origin and its dynamics. The activity of the Molecular Biodiversity facility is based on methodological developments and the adaptation of molecular biology techniques (e.g., purification of nucleic acids, PCR and qPCR, medium or high throughput genotyping, NGS library preparation, long-read sequencing such as Nanopore) for application to the diversity of organisms studied, available biological material (fresh/degraded/museological specimen, whole organism/tissue/trace DNA) and scales of analysis (temporal and taxonomic) targeted. The equipment available in this facility and equipment made available in other specialised facilities (degraded DNA, GenSeq) allows the conduct of these experiments.

Structured into three physical and activity laboratories coordinated by six specialist engineers and technicians (two coordinators per laboratory), this shared facility allows the development of the numerous molecular biodiversity projects of all the Institute’s research teams.


Pierre Caminade


Frédérique Cerqueira

Research assistant IE

Élodie Flaven

Research assistant IE

Fabienne Justy

Research assistant AI

Elodie Lauroua

Research assistant AI

Marie-Ka Tilak

Advanced research assistant IR