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Elodie Lauroua

Research assistant AI

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My activity

Within the Molecular Biodiversity facility that I coordinate in collaboration with other colleagues, I implement molecular biology experiments for the genotyping and high-throughput sequencing of a large number of non-model species. Among other applications, I perform DNA extractions for the preparation of NGS Illumina libraries, I work with high throughput 3C technology as well as Oxford Nanopore technology for long-read sequencing. I also recently developed an FLc-Capture protocol, a technique aimed at sequencing coding and non-coding regions from cRNA capture probes, for application in ants of the genus Messor. Finally, I work on transcriptomic approaches to characterize the expression of certain genes upstream of functional validation approaches using the CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technique.

The coordination of the activity of one of the three laboratories of the Molecular Biodiversity facility also involves the reception and distribution of requests for collaboration from research teams, the management of planning and priorities, dialogue with project leaders and the management of associated technical rooms.

Keywords :

Harvester ant – DNA/RNA – NGS library – Long-read sequencing – High throughput 3C

Responsabilities :

– Co-manager of the Molecular Biodiversity facility at ISEM