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Frédérique Cerqueira

Research assistant IE

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My activity

After fifteen years as the technical manager of the GenSeq service provider platform, I recently decided to reorientate my activities towards more technical development to meet the specific challenges and needs of the ISEM research teams, while ensuring the coordination of a new shared technical facility of the Institute of Evolutionary Science, the Molecular Biodiversity facility. Within this facility, I bring my expertise in molecular biology to team projects by developing consulting activities, technology watch and development, training of students and staff, supervision and experimentation. At the experimental level, I adapt to the diversity of the studied organisms the protocols for DNA or RNA extraction, qualitative and quantitative assay of nucleic acids, genotyping and Next Generation Sequencing library preparation. Most recently, I have devoted a large part of my time to the adaptation and development of innovative protocols for the field of molecular biodiversity, such as KASP genotyping (Kompetitive Allele Specific PCR, allowing the genotyping of hundreds of markers on thousands of individuals), the construction of genomic libraries from degraded DNA (NuGEN’s Ovation method), low-cost genomic library protocols and haplotagging (a method allowing access complete genome phased on a hundred of individuals). The coordination of the activity of one of the three laboratories of the Molecular Biodiversity facility also involves the reception and distribution of requests for collaboration from research teams, the management of planning and priorities, and dialogue with project leaders.

Keywords :

Sequencing – NSG – Environmental DNA – Metagenomics – Genotyping

Responsabilities :

– Co-manager of the Molecular Biodiversity facility at ISEM
– Member of the ISEM council 2021-2026