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Marine biodiversity and evolution team

The Marine Biodiversity and Evolution team investigates the evolution of marine species in response to past and present environmental changes. The modification of natural habitats and anthropization induce new biotic and abiotic constraints to which species must adapt. Understanding these phenomena is an important challenge in the context of global erosion of marine biodiversity. Our research aims to understand the complex interplay between genetic, phenotypic and environmental variations involved in these adaptations. We are also interested in the interactions between species, particularly through the influence of hybridization on the evolutionary trajectories of species. Our research areas range from molecular and cellular ecophysiology to functional and association genomics, as well as population and community genomics. This integrative approach allows us to study the dynamics of evolutionary responses at the molecular and cellular scales, and the evolutionary forces involved in these changes. Our main research models include molluscs, sponges, tunicates and fish.

Les membres

Stephen Baghdiguian


Nicolas Bierne

Senior researcher

Frédérique Cerqueira

Research assistant IE

Lila Colston-Nepali

PhD student

Pierre-Alexandre Gagnaire


Nelly Godefroy


Bruno Guinand


Émilie Le Goff

Research assistant IE

Laura Meyer

Postdoctoral fellow

Marie Raynaud

Postdoctoral fellow

Frédérique Viard