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Nelly Godefroy

University of Montpellier

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My activity

Since my recruitment at the Institute of Evolutionary Sciences in Montpellier in 2006, I have been studying programmed cell death in different non-model organisms placed in key evolutionary positions, such as ascidian or sponges. The interest of these studies is to understand the evolution of this central cellular process in the regulation of cell populations in metazoans. I am also interested in resistance mechanisms that allow tardigrades to withstand extreme conditions. All of these studies involve cell biology and microscopy techniques. At the same time, I teach in different disciplines of biology (cell biology, molecular biology, integrative biology …) mainly at the different levels of the license. In order to increase the richness of my teaching, I am very interested in the educational innovation that I introduce in my various teaching (realization of an educational escape game, development of an interactive trivial pursuit, practice of ‘problem-based learning…).

Keywords :

Cell biology – Apoptosis – Sponges – Tardigrades – Evolution

Responsabilities :

– Deputy director of the teaching department “Biology and living mechanisms” of the University of Montpellier