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Stephen Baghdiguian

University of Montpellier

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My activity

My research activities for the next five years will focus on the following areas:
1 – Evolution of the digestive system and adaptive homeostasis in sponges with a special attention to carnivorous species (approaches :  molecular and cellular biology, transcriptomics. Main model : Lycopodina hypogea)
2 – Epithelio/mesenchymatous transition, transdifferentiation and epigenetic regulation at the root of metazoans (approaches: molecular and cellular biology, transcriptomics. Models: Lycopodina hypogea, Oscarella lobularis, Halisarca dujardini)
3 – Study of the « topological invariance » of non-proliferative, proliferative and hyper-proliferative  epithelial monolayers with spherical, planar or random geometries (approaches: cell biology, mathematical physics. Models: Tunicates, Drosophila, COS cells, human cancerous (HeLa) and non-cancerous (hCerEpic) epithelial cells).
4 – Physiopathology of transmissible cancer in mussels (approaches : cellular and molecular ecophysiology. Models: Mytilus galloprovincialis, edulis and trossulus).

In the same time, I teach cell biology from L1 to M2 and the history of biology in L3

Keywords :

Evolution and stability – Morphogenesis – Cell Biology – Mathematical Physic – Soft matter

Responsabilities :

– Responsible for the UE HAV610V: Theories and History in Biology