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Fabienne Justy

Université de Montpellier

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My activity

“Project support” is a service open to all ISEM teams. It allows teams to benefit from technical support in molecular biology to facilitate the development of their projects. I offer my skills to adapt and apply techniques allowing the development and fine-tuning of genetic tools, non-invasive genetic analysis, construction of DNA databases for high-throughput sequencing, NGS, molecular barcoding and metabarcoding. I am the technical manager of the “Degraded DNA” facility. This facility offers a workspace and equipment dedicated to the study of environmental DNA and samples from museum and herbarium collections. My role is to train and advise applicants in DNA extraction techniques, the use of rooms and pre-PCR equipment. I am a prevention assistant and co-manager of the  “Stores” facility that makes group purchases of laboratory consumables.

Keywords :

Molecular biology – Degraded DNA – Prevention assistant

Responsabilities :

– Prevention (health and safety) assistant at ISEM
– Technical manager of the “Degraded DNA” facility at ISEM
– Co-responsible of the “Stores” facility at ISEM