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Élodie Flaven

Research assistant IE

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My activity

Within the Molecular Biodiversity technical facility that I coordinate in collaboration with other colleagues, I bring my expertise in molecular biology to team projects by developing consulting activities, technology watch and development, training of students and staff, supervision and experimentation. On the experimental level, I choose, adapt and implement the various molecular biology techniques for the genotyping and high-throughput sequencing of biodiversity. I accompany project leaders towards the new technologies available and invest myself in the training and technical supervision of students and staff. Having acquired more than ten years of experience in the genetic analysis of plant species that are either protected (knapweed, island cabbage) or with specific features (concentrating heavy metals: bluish stool; serotinous: Leucadendron genus), in which the protocols must be particularly adapted, I use this expertise to adapt the techniques to the diversity of the animal and plant species studied in the Molecular Biodiversity facility. In addition, I am involved in field sampling and bioinformatics analysis of NGS data. The coordination of the activity of one of the three laboratories of the Molecular Biodiversity facility also involves the reception and distribution of requests for collaboration from research teams, the management of planning and priorities, dialogue with project leaders and the management of associated technical rooms.

Keywords :

Molecular biology – Population genetics – NGS – Bioinformatics

Responsabilities :

– Co-manager of the Molecular Biodiversity facility at ISEM