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Guila Ganem

Senior researcher

Membre de :

My activity

My projects are at the interface between behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology. I am interested in the proximal and causal mechanisms of diversification. My research is multidisciplinary, collaborative, takes place in nature and in the laboratory and has involved several rodent models, particularly, the wild house mouse and the African four striped mouse.
My main research topics are:
1) Unravelling the behavioural and ecological drivers of speciation and adaptation.
2) Species interference and their influence on the two evolutionary processes
3) Evolution of olfactory species mate recognition systems, from the chemistry of the olfactory signals to signals perception and mice behavioural response.
4) Evolution of social behaviour and the role of behavioural syndromes.
My research involving the African four stripes mouse takes place mainly in the field in collaboration with colleagues from Namibia and South Africa.

Keywords :

Species interference – Ecological drivers – Pheromones – Contact zones – Species range

Responsabilities :

– Member of ethic and animal welfare committee of the ISEM, the animal husbandry services of Montpellier University and the Languedoc-Roussillon committee