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Julie Perez

Research assistant IE

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My activity

Within ISEM, my mission is divided between technical responsibility for the Evolutionary Cytogenomics facility and technical support for research projects in the Sex and Speciation team. I am responsible for the operation and maintenance of the CytoEvol facility. I respond to external requests by developing classical and/or molecular cytogenetic protocols adapted to the diversity of biological models (rodents, fish, lizards, etc.). Within the team, I carry out experiments dedicated to the study of genome variations. I am working in particular on the pygmy mouse project led by Frédéric Veyrunes, on the peculiar sex-determination system of Mus minutoides using cytogenomic approaches (in situ Fluorescence Hybridization). In 2019, I joined the ISEM staff trained in prevention techniques.

Keywords :

Cytogenetics – Cytogenomics – Caryotype – Chromosomal rearrangement – Prevention assistant

Responsabilities :

– Prevention (health and safety) assistant at ISEM