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Evolutionary cytogenomics facility

The Evolutionary cytogenomics facility is dedicated to the study of chromosomes. It is part of the LabEx CeMEB labelled facilities. Its vocation is to enable research on architecture, function and evolution of animal genomes at the level of the genes, chromatin and chromosomes. The facility mainly targets chromosomal organization to elucidate evolutionary processes related to changes in chromosome structure and the consequences of these rearrangements in terms of adaptation and speciation. The facility provides its expertise and equipment for conventional and molecular cytogenetic techniques, from karyotyping to in situ hybridization and fluorescence microscopy. Access to the platform can take several forms: service provision, training support, supervision.

Informations complémentaires :

This facility is a mutualised facility of the LabEx CeMEB. It is available to all LabEx research department. Its services are also available to external research departments and private laboratories.


Julie Perez

Research assistant IE