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Noémie Hévin

PhD student

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I am doing a thesis entitled “Phylogenomic approach to plant adaptation and diversification in the Parnassiinae”. To explain the stunning diversity of insects, it has been proposed that their diversification is directly related to that of plants. According to Ehrlich and Raven (1964), plants and phytophagous insects are engaged in an evolutionary arms race in which plants constantly develop new defenses, thus stimulating in a reciprocal way the diversification of plants and phytophagous insects through the permanent development of evolutionary novelties. During my thesis I will study the subfamily Parnassiinae via a genomic and macroevolutionary approach. Specifically, I will analyze genomic data in order to understand the evolutionary history of this group by performing phylogenetic tree reconstructions, molecular dating, life history trait analysis, historical biogeography, and diversification analysis.

Keywords :

Insect-plant interactions – Genomics – Macroevolution

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