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Nathanaëlle Saclier

Postdoctoral fellow

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My activity

I am interested in the interaction between the evolution of biological traits (life-history traits, physiology, reproduction) and the evolution of the genome (molecular evolution rate, heterozygosity, polymorphism, mutation spectrum) and the impact of the environment on this interaction. Within ISEM, my research project consists in assessing the impact of a change in reproduction mode on the genome of nematodes of the genus Mesorhabditis. Within this group, several species have a singular mode of reproduction called auto-pseudogamy: females use male DNA in only 9% of cases, giving male offspring. The remaining 91% of offspring are produced asexually, giving females. My work consists of constructing the phylogeny of these nematodes and then evaluating the impact of this mode of reproduction on population genetics parameters, on the efficiency of selection, or on the evolution of male genes.

Keywords :

Asexuality – Population genomics – Phylogeny – Mesorhabditis