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Information Systems Infrastructure facility

ISI – “Information Systems Infrastructure” facility – administers and manages the IT resources and networks of the laboratory and of the shared MBB (Montpellier Bioinformatics Biodiversity) platform. ISI is broken down into 2 sub-parts: – project management and management by Rémy Dernat, – Networks & Systems by 2 engineer assistant agents (Yannick Frontera + Recruitment in progress). User support is provided by this second component. ISI takes over the activities of the former SR2i facility and the infrastructure aspect of the MBB platform, whose main machine rooms are located in 2 separate buildings, and made up of more than 150 physical servers (computing clusters counting for more than 1/3 of these machines). ISEM has significant needs in terms of IT equipment, but also and above all in terms of volume and data analysis, formerly operated by MBB.

Coordination :
Advanced research assistant IR


Rémy Dernat

Advanced research assistant IR

Yannick Frontera

Research assistant IE

Gabriel Gil


Dimitry Wyczakowski

Research assistant AI