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Biodiversity, Health and Society department (BioSS)

The Biodiversity, Health and Society (BioSS) scientific department focuses on three main research areas: adaptation, health and society. For each, the topics addressed are diverse, the approaches varied and the study models different, but the convergence of the questions allows us to build a community of reflection. Understanding the adaptive mechanisms and evolutionary dynamics of natural or captive populations is a major research focus of the different teams. Human or animal health is a major research subject and several projects in epidemiology, evolutionary medicine or concerning the evaluation of pathogen control strategies will be conducted with a new ecological and evolutionary perspective. Finally, whether fundamental or applied, our research is rooted in current societal realities and environmental challenges. Our approaches will shed new light on sociality, rational resource management, and the social and ethical aspects of genome editing.

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Evolution, vectors, adaptations, symbiosis team
Evolutionary anthropology team
Aquaculture, biodiversity, health team