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Mylène Weill


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My activity

Since my arrival at ISEM in 2000, I have been developing research on mosquito adaptation. We want to understand how changing selection pressures in the environment can affect the benefit-cost trade-offs of different molecular adaptations. Insecticide resistance in mosquitoes is an excellent study model because many resistance alleles are identified and we have developed molecular markers to monitor their evolutionary dynamics in natural populations. We are also studying mosquito/Wolbachia interactions, intracellular bacteria that are responsible for cytoplasmic incompatibilities, a form of conditional sterility dependent on the genetic nature of Wolbachia. We are studying the genetic determinism of incompatibilities as well as the factors that influence the dynamics of Wolbachia in natural populations. Our fundamental research on the adaptive trajectories of resistance alleles and the evolutionary dynamics of Wolbachia constitute the indispensable basis for the implementation of innovative vector control methods.

Keywords :

Mosquitoes – Adaptation – Insecticide resistance – Wolbachia

Responsabilities :

– Coordinator of the Evolution, vectors, adaptations, symbiosis team at ISEM
– Coordinator of the Biodiversity, Health and Society department (BioSS) scientific department at ISEM
– Member of Section 29 – Biodiversity, evolution and biological adaptations: from macromolecules to communities of the National Committee of the CNRS since 2016.