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Palynology facility

The palynology technical facility includes the pollen extraction/processing laboratory (PollenExtra platform) and the optical microscopy room (building 22, 3rd floor). The PollenExtra lab has a double room under a permanently filtered atmosphere, equipped with fume hoods for the chemical and mechanical treatments necessary for the extraction of pollen from any type of sediment. This facility has a charter (rules of use and safety) to be signed, as well as pricing regulated by the CNRS.
The microscopy room is equipped with several high-performance optical microscopes for the observation and counting of pollen, non-pollen palynomorphs, dinocysts…
The ISEM reference collection, which houses nearly 30,000 taxa, and is one of the most important palynological collections in France, can be consulted at the facility. The palynology facility is used by ISEM staff and students and can be used by researchers from other research departments.

Informations complémentaires :

This facility is opened to external research departments, following the PollenExtra charter and pricing. For more information, please contact the Contact person below.
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Sandrine Canal


Sylvie Rouland


Sarah Ivorra

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