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Sarah Ivorra

Research assistant IE

Membre de :

My activity

Scientific activities:
– Morphometric analyses of plant material to understand the history of plant domestication
– Anthracological studies in order to reconstruct the history of vegetation in relation to natural and anthropic factors
– Management of reference collections of biological material and associated Data Base for the olive tree, the grapevine and the date palm.
– Management of the Morphometry facility (plant section) and Carpology-Anthracology facility
– Monitoring of a wild grapevine population at Pic St Loup (TO-VITIS, OSU-OREM)
– Supervision of students (Bachelor, Master ORPAL, PhD students …), technicians and researchers in morphometry, eco-anatomy and anthracology.

Keywords :

Bio-archaeology – Morphometry – Eco-anatomy – Anthracology – Domestication

Responsabilities :

– In charge of the “Morphometry” facility at ISEM