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My activity

Main activities:
• Sampling of sedimentary and biological samples, physico-chemical treatments, purification, extraction of bio-indicators (pollen, micro-carbon, phytoliths, diatoms, etc.).
• Binocular microscopy, image analysis, measurements, micro-carbon counts.
• Preparation of isotopic samples and dating analyzes in specialized laboratories.
• International project ‘Archaeo genetics’, molecular biology of ancient DNA at the Institute of Prehistoric Natural Archeology, University of Basel, Switzerland.
• Laboratory development projects, technical training missions for staff from UQAM University of Quebec in Montreal, the Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks, and the Laurentian Forestry Center (Federal Ministry, Resources Canada), Quebec.
• Co-manager of the pollen observation service (SO PolliMed) OSU OREME. Study and monitoring of local and international Mediterranean pollination, pollen rains, and pollinators.
• Technical participation to the international network “Cold Forests” (GDRI) in the context of scientific collaborations and technical exchange with Canada.

Keywords :

Bio-indicators – Physico-chemical treatments – Pollens – Micros coals – Phytoliths

Responsabilities :

– Technical manager of the Palynology facility at ISEM, and of Preparations / Geochemistry room
– Member of the ISEM council 2021-2026