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Laure Paradis

Research assistant IE

Membre de :

My activity

Arrived in January 2015 at ISEM, I am a CNRS engineer and expert in Geographic Information Sciences in the DATA technical facility of the ISEM, a shared platform for all ISEM scientific departments and research teams.
My activities concern processing spatial data and their cartographic formatting (editorials, web). I thus determine the methods adapted to a project (ANR, ERC, H2020…) or an object of study, in the collection, processing, analysis, representation and diffusion of geographic information. I propose field data acquisition protocols (GPS, electronic field notebook). I collect geographic information relevant to each project, which is then managed and made available through databases. I carry out geoprocessing and analysis (attribute, spatial, temporal and geostatistical; image processing and remote sensing), as well as publication supports (editorial cartography, internet geo-visualization (web mapping)).
I accompany and assist the staff of the UMR in GIS, Remote sensing, GPS and Cartography

Keywords :

SIG – Cartography – GPS – Remote sensing – Database

Responsabilities :

– Manager of the DATA facility at ISEM
– Member of the ISEM council 2021-2026
– Co-responsible for the OCOVE Observing System of the OSU OREME
– Co-responsible for the Observation Task “Forestry and Pastoralist Recruitment” (part electronic field notebook, GIS, database)