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Geneviève Daoulas

PhD student, Operations & research manager

Membre de :

My activity

As a carpologist at Inrap, my work aims to understand the characteristics of the plant economy in Champagne-Ardenne (France) and its evolution, through analysis of production, practices, exploited terroirs and exchanges. My research – Plant food, agricultural systems and trade in Champagne (6th-17th centuries) – is based on medieval and modern sites. My aim is to understand the long-term evolution of the plant economy (continuity, changes, ruptures). My work also seeks to deploy carpology as a tool for understanding archaeological structures at different scales (structure, site, territory).

Keywords :

Carpology – Vegetal economy – Functional analysis – Champagne – Middle Ages

Directeur·ice(s) de thèse :

Christophe Petit (Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, UMR ArScAn)