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Jérôme Ros


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My activity

My current research – “Agri-food Heritage and Agrarian Systems of the Ancient and Medieval Western Mediterranean” – aims to document the evolution and dynamics of Mediterranean agriculture, in relation to the social, economic and climatic changes that took place during the historical periods (2nd century BC to 16th century AD). This research is based on the study of archaeological sites located in Mediterranean France, Spain (Aragon, Extremadura, Andalusia, Ibiza) and Morocco. My current work seeks, in particular, to shed light on the impact of the medieval Muslim expansion in the Western world (Iberian Peninsula, Western Maghreb), especially regarding the introduction and spread of new plants and the evolution of agro-sylvo-pastoral practices. My work is carried out using different archaeobotanical approaches (carpology, anthracology).

Keywords :

Archeobotany – Agriculture – Mediterranean region – Archeology – Middle Age

Responsabilities :

– Coordinator of the Dynamics of biodiversity, anthropoecology team at ISEM
– Co-responsible of the Master 1 BEE course CEPAGE