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Christelle Tougard


Membre de :

My activity

My research is focused on the dynamics of the biodiversity, and more particularly on the impact of past climatic and environmental changes on the evolutionary history of organisms (sand gobies, genus Salmo and voles) at the intraspecific (what was the influence of the Quaternary climatic changes on the distribution and evolution of the modern fauna?) and interspecific (is there a link between speciation events and past climatic and environmental changes?) levels. My background (in palaeontology, molecular biology and ancient DNA) allows me to develop some projects focused on plant DNA from sediment cores in order to identify past farming practices in tropical environments (Africa and South America). Main studied plants are banana, rice and palm tree.

Keywords :

Phylogeny – Phylogeography – Non-invasive samples – Environmental DNA – Metabarcoding

Responsabilities :

– Scientific manager of the “Degraded DNA” facility at ISEM
– Member of the Vertebrate Naturalia workshops at the National Natural History Museum of Paris.