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Miguel Tarongi Chavarri

Postdoctoral fellow

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My activity

As an archaeobotanist, my research focuses on studying the different agro-food processes in Western Mediterranean societies from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages. Specifically, my main line of work is the study of the role of leguminous plants in this geochronological framework and their socio-economic implications.
In order to obtain the most accurate data possible, I collect archaeobotanical, agronomic, ethnographic and classical sources information, trying to obtain a global vision of these cultivated species.
I also apply geometric morphometric analysis to present-day and archaeological individuals, comparing their shapes and improving their identifications.
My current project, funded by the Fyssen Foundation, will also begin to carry out stable isotope analyses that will help us to understand the conditions in which leguminous plants were cultivated.

Keywords :

Agriculture – Archaeology – Western Mediterranean – Pulses – Carbonisation