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Mathieu Sicard

Université de Montpellier

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My activity

The main topic of my research is the study of symbioses between eukaryotes, prokaryotes and viruses by evaluating the consequences of these long-lasting interactions on the life-history traits of the partners through cellular, physiological and genetic approaches. Currently, I am studying more specifically: (1) The different cytoplasmic incompatibility patterns induced by Wolbachia in Culex pipiens mosquitoes. (ANR CIAWOL; Muse EwolPip Project; thesis of Manon Bonneau; thesis of Alice Namias); (2) The prevalence, diversity and mode of transmission of CPDV, a densovirus specific to Culex pipiens (Projet ANSES Densotool; thesis of Mine Altinli).

Keywords :

Sustainable interactions – Endosymbiosis – Evolutionary genomics – Gene duplication – Insect-specific viruses

Responsabilities :

Teaching responsibilities:
-Co-responsible teaching unit Integrative Biology for first-year students (800 students)
-Co-responsible M1 and M2 of the master course “Integrative Biology of Interactions” B2I (co-accredited with the University of Perpignan-Via domitia)
Other responsibilities:
-Co-leader of the SFRI-IDIL program (Interdisciplinary in lab’ graduate program)
-Vice-President of the national section of CNU 67 “Population Biology and Ecology”.
-Deputy Director of the GAIA Doctoral School and Head of the “Interaction Biology” program
-Deputy Director of the MUSE RIVE “Infectious risks and vectors” key initiative, in charge of training and thematic aspects related to ecology and evolution.
-Member of the local commission of sections 67-68 (within the Scientific Department B3ESTE)
-Elected member of the board of the Biology-Ecology teaching department