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Samira Sarter


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My activity

I am a microbiologist working on food safety in aquaculture. My main research focusses on strategies to control microbial hazards related to bacterial pathogens and the antibiotic resistance in fish farming in tropical regions. I seek for alternatives to antibiotics based on the vegetal biodiversity, studying the characterization of antimicrobial and immunostimulant plants in the perspective to enhance fish immunity against infections; and exploring the effects of plants extracts toward the modulation of antimicrobial resistance. I am involved in different international projects for building more resilient integrated systems of fish farming based on agroecological principles and disease prevention (Madagascar, Vietnam, Cambodia, Senegal). Having been assigned ten years in southern universities (Madagascar, Vietnam), I have participated in the strengthening of scientific partnerships in order to promote the sustainability of aquaculture and the need to reduce the use of antibiotics in aquaculture.

Keywords :

Aquaculture – Pathogens – Antibioresistance – Immunostimulation – Plants

Responsabilities :

– Deputy director of the scientific department Persyst at CIRAD
– ISEM referent at CIRAD