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Martina Sánchez-Pinillos

Postdoctoral fellow

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My activity

My research aims at understanding the mechanisms underlying forest resistance and resilience to disturbances and the chance of ecosystem collapse. I am particularly interested in characterizing the effects of pulse (wildfire, insect outbreaks), ramp (climate change, land-use change) and compound disturbances (interacting drought and insect outbreaks) on forests by improving our capability to quantify resilience and identify tipping-point communities. The use of large data sets and retrospective approaches based on changes in structure and species composition are useful to define forest dynamic regimes, assess the responses of different communities to past disturbances, and identify the factors involved in forest dynamics. Complementarily, the use of descriptive analyses allows identifying stable and unstable states, as well as trajectories toward collapse. The ultimate goal of my research aims at supporting forest management and policy through useful information and tools.

Keywords :

Forest dynamic regimes – Resilience – Resistance – Natural disturbances – Forest management