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Camille Saade

PhD student
University of Montpellier

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My activity

I am a PhD student in under the supervision of Sonia Kéfi (Biodicée team) and Emanuel A. Fronhofer (EEC team). I am interested in studying how human activities impact ecosystems. In a context of global change, some ecosystems respond to external pressures by shifting abruplty from one state to another in what is know as a “catastrophic shift”. Such shifts are well studied but mainly in simple (monospecific and isolated) systems. Using mathematical modelling (simulations and analysis of ODEs and SDEs), my goal is to determine how classical catastrophic shifts theory applies to more complex and realistic systems, such as spatially explicit metapopulations and multispecific communities.

Keywords :

Catastrophic shifts – Metacommunities – Space – Species interactions – Evolution

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