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Marjolaine Rousselle

Postdoctoral fellow

Membre de :

My activity

I use genomic comparative and population genomics to understand the evolution of eukaryotes genomes in the face of processes such as selection, recombination or else speciation.
During my PhD at the Université de Montpellier, I studied the influence of effective population size,
life history traits, hemizygoity in sex chromosomes or else recombination on the strength of
selection in coding sequences.
During my first post-doctorate in Aarhus University, Denmark, I used the incomplete lineage sorting
pattern along the genome within the primate phylogeny to reconstruct the demographic history of
the group.
Toady I study the evolutionnary history of populations of pea aphids that underwent a recent, rapid
radiation associated to host plant adaptation. More precisely, I analyze the building up of barrier
loci between pairs of populations at different stages in the sepciation process.

Keywords :

Molecular evolution – Population genomics – Bioinformatics – Natural selection – Speciation

Responsabilities :

– Member of CBGP CU