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Stanislas Rigal

PhD student
University of Montpellier, ENS de Lyon

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My activity

As a PhD student since 2018 in the BioDicée team, I am interested in understanding the effect of human activities on biodiversity at a community scale. In particular, using citizen science data and large scale data on human footprint, I study the fate of bird communities in France and Europe facing increasing anthropogenic perturbations. A part of my work is to analyse non-lineariy in bird population dynamics as well as in dynamics of pressures they experience, and to link pressures and responses to participate in understanding the general biodiversity decay. A second part of my job is related to changes affecting relationships between species themeselves, another aspect of biodiveersity decline, using statistial analyses to assess interactions and associations between species in space and time.

Keywords :

Conservation biology – Community ecology – Non-linear dynamics – Association networks – Bird populations

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