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Mbololontsoa Sendrahasina Ranaivojaona

PhD student
Ministère de l’Eau, de l’Assainissement et de l’Hygiène (MEAH)

Membre de :

My activity

Maintaining hygiene and the balance of the aquatic environment in relation to population growth and poor sanitation practice is an issue for the Ikopa river in Antananarivo. Reducing faecal pollution of water resources responds to environmental, health and socio-economic issues. The economic costs of remediation are indeed expensive and the cost of an incorrect environmental decision is also a major concern. Controlling the release of micropollutants into the environment has therefore become a major issue in the preservation of resources and public health.
The study aims to seek decision factors for improving public health conditions related to drinking water and the proper treatment and disposal of human excreta and wastewater in urban areas

Keywords :

Sanitation – Faecal pollution – River – Health – Urban

Directeur·ice(s) de thèse :

Jean de Dieu Ramaroson (CNRIT) & Alexandra Bastaraud (Institut Pasteur Madagascar)