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My activity

My research activities at ISEM are focused on the evaluation and design of integrated aquaculture systems according to the principles of ecology (e.g. food web, species assemblages, nutrient flows), in a view to optimize their productivity. My study model favours aquaculture systems integrated with agriculture such as rice-fish farming. I am also particularly interested climate smart aquacultureto identify and test innovative solutions promoting the resiliency and sustainability of production systems against global changes. Ecologist, my skills reinforce those of the AquaBioS team, in particular in the analysis of trophic flows in multitrophic integrated aquaculture systems. To do this I use the method of natural stable isotopes of Carbon and Nitrogen (d13C & d15N), fatty acid markers, biodiversity indicators, nutrient fluxes and the presence of Trace Metal Elements in the environment and in aquaculture products.

Keywords :

Ecology – Rice-fish farming – Integrated MultiTrophic Aquaculture (IMTA) – Foodwebs – Stables Isotopes

Responsabilities :

– Coordinator of the Aquaculture, Biodiversity, Health team at ISEM
– Associate editor “Journal of Applied Aquaculture”
– Associate editor “Journal of World Aquaculture Society”
– UMR ISEM correspondent in the Scientific Thematic Field “Agroecological Transitions” from CIRAD
– UMR ISEM correspondent in the Tropical agricultural “Rice” sector from CIRAD
– Cirad correspondent for IRN Sud ASACHA