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Titouan Poquillon

Short-term advanced research assistant IR

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My activity

Known for their roles in the production of cellular energy, mitochondria are organelles that are particularly sensitive to internal states and external conditions of cells. Their morphology and the organization of their networks change depending on stress levels or pathological situations, which makes them particularly useful biological indicators for estimating compound toxicity and for providing potential biomarkers for certain diseases. During cellular stress, nuclei can also undergo morphological changes, as observed for instance during apoptosis (cell suicide). Within the team (under the supervision of Dr. Abdel Aouacheria) and in close partnership with the company QUANTACELL, my mission aims at developing quantitative imaging, machine learning and deep learning solutions to describe and classify mitochondria and nuclei of human cells in diverse conditions.

Keywords :

Quantitative imaging – Artificial intelligence – Toxicology – Mitochondria – Biomarkers – Nuclei