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Philippe Poirier


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My activity

The main objective of my work carried out within the framework of preventive archaeology (INRAP), is to understand how human populations have interacted with the natural environment over time, especially with the plant world, how they have exploited available resources and therefore how they have transformed their environment. This work is based on the analysis of botanical remains (charcoal or water-soaked wood) recovered from archaeological sites in New Aquitaine and Occitanie in France during the Holocene. Particular attention is paid to heritage taxa: beech (Fagus), chestnut (Castanea) and vine (Vitis). At the same time, the development of dendro-anthracology is a new area of research, one of the goals being to improve estimation about the length of time a site was active and search for synchronism relationships between structures with no stratigraphic link.

Keywords :

Anthracology – Dendro-anthracology – Paleobotanic – Statistics

Responsabilities :

– Co-responsible of the methodological workshop of the GDR bioarcheodat https://bioarcheodat.hypotheses.org/714